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Saturday, 22-Mar-2008 19:56 Email | Share | | Bookmark

together with the jr
View all 29 photos... a beginning, here goes some pics during the eid adha here in egypt..eid adha 2007.2nd eid adha i celebrated far away from home sweet home..

Saturday, 19-Jan-2008 17:44 Email | Share | | Bookmark

me n dina
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pictures of the moments when fid n dina, my colleagues back in intec, spent their holiday in egypt.that was just a few days before the fasting started.somewhere in mid of september i guess.yes exactly.accompanied them to matruh-where the agiba beach was breathtaking, i just loved the colours where can i hardly find one in tanahair tanah tumpahnya darahku..oh oh~ or is there somewhere?

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pic captured while webcamming with family tersayang
hehe..just started with my new photopages.before this i'm using other photopages but then it seems like that page kinda problema syuwayyah.. ya3ni sket..huhu

but now i'm in the dead zone [zone tgh xm ler tu].. so cudnt spend much time in here.after finishing exam only then i can make it so all pics can be uploaded.i mean, certain previous photopages was restricted where it was a password-protected,meant to be viewed by certain ppl only.for my family.close friends.

as a beginning, satu gambar pun cukup je la eh ngehehe


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